Hello, I’m Chelsey.

I am an avid gardner, musician, dancer, yogi, artist, and thinker. Besides making paper flowers I teach for a living, and love it! I have a love of learning and eat ham and potato casserole whenever I can get my hands on some. I am often mistaken as the student in school (“Where is your teacher?!”), but I’m sure I’ll learn to fully appreciate my youthful glow one day.

Paper flowers all started in my childhood when I used as much paper and tape as I could get my hands on to create whatever masterpiece I had envisioned in my head. Paper was so fascinating to me and I never got enough.

For several years now, I have been making paper flowers, and it’s been a wonderful journey. In learning how to find the good around me, I decided it was time to create my own little world where others can find a place to breathe, be inspired, and appreciate the good in the world. Here is the fresh website where you can enjoy paper flower custom orders that are more realistic and DIY projects that are easy AND beautiful!

Paper flowers have helped me find healing amidst a whirlwind of a life, and I hope my love of floral design and intricate artwork will help make your life a little more rosy.