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DIY Cotton Wreath

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Whether or not you create your own handmade paper cotton, this cotton wreath project is a great addition to that farmhouse rustic charm in your home or event.

I chose to create a crescent shape on the wreath with the cotton, but I see a lot of other possibilities here. You can create or purchase A TON of cotton and fill in the entire wreath, or you can jazz up the project below with a ribbon or small branches to change up the look.

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Cotton Wreath Ingredients

  1. Insert five or six cotton in different directions to create the crescent shape on the wreath. Fill in with the rest, making sure you have a higher concentration of cotton in the center of the cluster.Cotton Wreath Bend

2. Bend the cotton stems in different directions so the cotton “fluffs” are not all facing the front. We want to see the brown backing that you worked so hard creating!

Cotton Wreath Glue

3. Secure the stems with hot glue, and you are finished!

If you are simply not in the mood to make your own but would like me to make it for you, request a custom order or see if I have anything ready-to-go in my original Etsy shop, Rosy Paper Posies.

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