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Paper Eucalyptus

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The greenery trend is in full swing, and I am really digging it.  Eucalyptus is one of many greens that classes up a space. You can place eucalyptus in just about anything and make an arrangement, table, or gift just pop. So, I’m really excited to finally present them to you in paper form!

The PDF and SVG versions of this paper eucalyptus pattern (along with the instructions) are available in my DIY Etsy shop, DIY Rosy Paper Posies. Here is a preview of what you would need:


I tried different types of glue for this project (stick glue, hot glue, etc.) and found that clear tacky glue is the clear winner. It will bond to the paper and wire the best without leaving unusual lumps in between your paper layers. Just know that there will still be a chance of your leaves coming loose and “spinning” on the wire. If that bothers you, you can tack a dab of hot glue to the base of your leaf, but it can compromise the realistic feel of your creation. Compromise.

Like I said, this beauty can be used in so many things! You can check out the Balloon Backdrop or Protea Paper Wedding Bouquet post to learn how you use your paper eucalyptus branches.

Balloon Backdrop 9

Bouquet 6

If you are simply not in the mood to make your own but would like me to make it for you, request a custom order or see if I have anything ready-to-go in my original Etsy shop, Rosy Paper Posies.

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